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Via Fillungo

Via Fillungo

Via Fillungo is the main street of the center of Lucca. The street, 700 meters long and 10 meters wide, inside the walls, is one of the most representative symbols of the city, the center of the tourist, commercial and artisan activities of Lucca.
The name “Fillungo” probably derives from Fillongo in Garfagnana, where the Falabrina family, who had their houses in Via Fillungo, exercised their right of fief. Over time the name “Fillongo” has changed until the middle of the nineteenth century to the current Fillungo that tends to also recall the shape of the way, which extends long and straight
Via Fillungo starts its course from a gate of the ancient walls of Lucca called Porta dei Borghi, near Piazza Santa Maria up to the Canto d’Arco, a crossroads between Via Roma, Via Fillungo, Via Santa Croce and Via Cenami. In ancient times it was divided into three sections:

The first section, called Via Grande (or via Porta Santa Maria di Borgo), started from the Porta dei Borghi and reached the intersection with Via Mordini (formerly Via Nuova). In this stretch, it widens first to the right towards Piazza San Frediano, opening the view towards the mosaic on the façade of the Basilica of San Frediano. Then, immediately to follow on the left, along the Amphitheater with the housing constructions that make up the walls and the typical internal markets.
The second section called Pantera proceeds from the intersection of Via Mordini, turning slightly left, up to Piazza dei Mercanti. Here it is possible to identify the oldest theater in Lucca, then transformed into a cinema (the “Pantera Cinema”) and finally used as a perfumery.
Finally, the third stretch was also originally called Via Fillungo and indicated the section that leads from Piazza dei Mercanti to Canto d’Arco. In this stretch we find the church of San Cristoforo, currently deconsecrated and home to exhibitions and secular activities.

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